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This app has never given me trouble. It works very well, doesnt take long at all. This app is a must for any google account owner who wants to feel like a wizard :P

Brings HTML Site to standalone app

This Google Print App will not add a virtualized printer to your "Print & Scan" so when you want to print something you have to select, "Upload File" in the app as you would on the website, sure it saves a little time but lacks the major feature of integration (which would be a virtualized printer). Until an application is released to virtualize the printer, you will not be able to print to your Cloud Printer from any application.

Unfortunately… doesn’t work

Tried everything… but it just complains about not being able to connect to server and quits...

Works well!

App works well. Had a couple of configuration questions and was answered very rapidly. Thanks!


Mac上のさまざまなアプリケーションから、「プリント...」ダイアログからGoogleクラウドプリントでプリントすることができます。 私の場合、プリンタに接続していないMacから、WindowsPCに接続したプリンタで印刷するという使い方をしています。双方がインターネットに接続してさえいれば同じネットワークになくても出来ます。 利用可能までちょっと手間取ったので参考までに手順を記しておきます。 まず、プリンタを接続しているPCのブラウザでGoogleアカウントにログインして「Googleクラウドプリント」のWebページにアクセスし、プリンタを登録します。Googleクラウドプリント対応プリンタでなくても、GoogleChromeを使えば登録することができます。 次に、Macにこのアプリをインストール。 そのあとAutomatorでプリントプラグインを作成する必要があります。この手順はサポートサイトに動画がありますが、解像度が低いのと、英語表記なので、これも一応記しておきます。 Automatorの「新規」で「プリントプラグイン」を選択。アクションのライブラリから「Finder項目を開く」を選択。「このアプリケーションで開く:」オプションで、インストールした「Cloud」を選択したら、名前(例えばPrint to Google Cloud)をつけて保存します。 そうすると、「プリント...」ダイアログの「PDF」プルダウンメニューで「Print to Google Cloud」が選択できるようになります。 印刷するときは、「PDF」プルダウンメニューで「Print to Google Cloud」を選択、「Google Cloud Print」のダイアログが開くので、登録したプリンタを選択し、「Submit Job to Printer」ボタンをクリックすれば即、印刷です。簡単、感激。 現バージョンでは、前のレビューの方が書かれていたようなファイル名が日本語でも印刷出来ないことはありません。

Ошибка при запуске.

The operation couldn’t be completed. ( error -1000.) Очень жаль. Идея Супер.


Why I need to Agree with storage my docs in FedEx Office? I don’t need some third party useless services

Awesome works perfectly

Discovered Google Cloud Print tonight, quite cool stuff and now with this app I can add my printer at work and print to it from home with no problem. This app makes printing to the Google Cloud Printers effortless. Great App!!!

Silent failure. In the trash it goes.

Installed it. Didnt work. It would be a nice app if it did... GCP seems to be working, just not through this app. Its basically a silent-failure generator: the worst kind of software (cause you have no idea why its not working). Im uninstalling it immediately.

Like a charm

I found the installation pretty easy, and once installed, its seamless (Snow Leopard 10.6.8). The Automator function should be built in to the install, but it took maybe 15 minutes to set this up and get it working as described, once I read the instructions :). My situation is that I cant print to my home printer when connected to work via VPN (no split routing option), so I was constantly having to connect/disconnect in order to print. With this plug in, now I can just spool over the internet, and it is really convenient! Thanks!

Didnt work for me.

Not much to say except that theres nothing unique about my machine that shouldnt allow it to work.

No FedEx printing

App is alright but I was disappointed that it doesnt seem to do fedex printing.

Tidy little app bridges GCP

Setup is a breeze and using automater makes GCP as simple as routine printing. If you use GCP and MAC, this is a bennificial application to acquire. If your wondering, this app facilitates remote printing via Google Cloud Printing. For a simple example, I have my families residences set up with GCP and am able to print documents to any GCP location just as if we were on a single network. The purpose of this app is to create a sequential printing option that allows the user to bypass having to upload to Google Docs (Google Drive) to achieve the same result.

A good starting point

I give this five stars because it fills a very large gap between Googles (absolutely and undoubtedly amazing) Cloud Print and the inability to easily print from many of my dektop application. It works well 95% of the time. As a student, its amazing to be able to print something in lecture and have it ready for me right when I return!

Works Great!

First time to use was a charm, the app works great! Thank you!

Works as expected, convenient, unobtrusive

App works great, does exactly what it says. It was so cool to print a PDF form from work to my house ~40 miles away… and neither of my printers have Cloud Print built in. No VPN required; so long as Chrome is open on my headless mac mini pseudo-server, it works just as fast as if Im at my desk at home. Bravo, great app. I usually dont write reviews, but this just works, and should have a full 5 stars instead of 4 because people cant set things up properly.

Nifty little app

The app does EXACTLY what it claims to do and its proving to be indispensable in helping to change my workflow. A big plus is how incredibly fast the developer, Mr. Meiyappan got back to me regarding some questions. A MUST-have for any user thats always on the go.


Works great. Everything as advertised. Great app, thanks for making it!

Quick to send to Google Cloud Print

If you follow the tutorial, this app works great! However, I found that the font (Times New Roman) became a little fuzzy after I printed the document when I sent it via Google Print. This could perhaps be the printer connection error but I feel that it may also be from the google cloud print app error?

Very Helpful

I was looking for months for a wireless solution to my non-wireless Brother printer (which is connected to another network computer in a different part of the house). This did the trick! Works great! I hope they can beautify the interface a bit over time. This is a minor request, since it does the job.

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